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4 Features Of A Good Modern Web Design

by Julia | June 14, 2018 | Mobile Friendly, SEO | 0 comments

Website Design

As new creative styles in web designing grow every day, the more it becomes competitive.

When creating a website one of the things we keep in mind and sometimes takes us the longest is the DESIGN…

We take so much time and effort coming up with a design that would fully represent our brand- a way to tell who we are and our story.

From structure, the content, the use of font, choosing the right media usage, the elements to improve our site and so on could be overwhelming.

UI & UX Design

You’ve probably heard or seen these words browsing about website design but what are they exactly about and what makes them so important?


also known as “user interface” is the overall look of your webpage.
We see it as the “personality of your website”.

The graphical design. These consist of:

  • Layout
  • Buttons
  • Media (Images, Videos)
  • Sliders or Section Transitions
  • Animations
  • Visual Elements
  • Color Schemes

Everything that falls under for the aesthetics and what the users interact with the web page.


Stands for “user experience”. As the term is already given it is for the overall experience of the web page.

This where you structure how you want your web visitor to interact. If UI concerns the design, UX is concerned with how the interface works.

Websites are the first point of contact between you and your customer. Appearance matter, design helps to convey value, exclusivity, and trust. A good design can keep your audience on your page to learn more about your business otherwise they will leave for the competition.

The longer they stay on your website, the longer you have to build trust with them and desire towards your products, increasing your chance to convert new leads to actual customers of your business.

Customers prefer well-designed websites than raw content.

Of all the factors that were mentioned for rejecting or distrusting a website, 94% were design related; only 6% were content related. On top of the services you are providing, the design is a way to set yourself apart from the competition, it is often wrongfully underestimated.

First Impressions Matter

Every website is unique. Web page designs matter as it is the FIRST impression of your business. Nowadays, people go for a new, modern look as it helps with the credibility and authenticity of your brand.

Do you think people would take time to go over a messy, poorly-designed website? No. They will click the exit button right away. Here are the few lists that make a website modern:

Large, Interactive Hero Image

For sure you have come across a website with a large hero image with large or small typography font. Some sites use a smart interactive background to give encouragement and amazing experience for web visitors.
Check out this amazing 3D animated and interactive web design from a soda company in Japan,
But First Chill Out

Animated Website

Creative CTA

As it is considered as a pivotal element that is responsible for increasing your leads into customers on your website, it is vital to have an approachable design that wouldn’t intimidate or scare them away for leading them to your converting page.


There are tons of free media you could use on your website. No, seriously they are FREE and most importantly are high quality! Make sure to check your competitor’s website in case you use the same images or videos. This would go down to the authenticity of your brand.

Businesses invest in producing their high-quality media they put on their website. Great for if you have a budget and to make your website more trustworthy.

Interactive and Responsiveness

Take a look at this design. No, go ahead it won’t cause any harm.
Even though they used 3D animation in it, it remained fast and responsive. Keep in mind don’t suffer the performance for the design.

Keep it balanced. You may have a modern design but the functionality loads like when the internet first started.

A good illustration of this is,, the new generation is moving away from their outdated website to Facebook Marketplace that is user friendly and directly integrated with Facebook itself.


Also known as Scalable Vector Graphics. It’s the most stunning, interactive design tool that uses customized heavy visuals created by a professional graphic designer to turn your ideas into reality.

It gives the web visitors a fun experience that can make them stay longer and when they’re impress with your website they’re more likely to browse more.

Leading to sales turnover.

Outdated Designs

Here the list of the key specific design problems that led to rejection or mistrust:

  1. An inappropriate name for the website
  2. A complex, busy layout
  3. Lack of navigation aids
  4. Boring web design, especially the use of color
  5. Pop up advertisements
  6. Slow introductions to a site (splash pages, slow-loading flash introductions, etc)
  7. Small print
  8. Too much text
  9. Corporate look and feel
  10. Poor search facilities/indexes

So, how can a modern website design help to grow a brand?

As 89% of customers search the web before making a purchasing decision (Digital Influence Index), having a Mobile Friendly, as portrayed in our latest blog, and well-designed website should positively impact your sales.

Indeed, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website design, Stanford Web Credibility Research.

As we know, the first impression is key, when it is about visiting a website, the first impression is 94% design-related, Sillence. To summarize, your website is the face & the first impression of your company and the design of your website affects customer trust and your credibility.

We, at Violette Marketing, are here to help you to create a modern and mobile-friendly website that is right for you. Don’t wait, reach out to us!

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