Having a mobile friendly website a must?

Mobile friendly website

by Julia | March 18, 2019 | SEO, Mobile Friendly | 0 comments

What is a mobile-friendly website?


You’ve created a well-designed web page on your own using a HIGH-QUALITY media, section transitions, a readable font, or even input a customized feature coding with CSS.

But is it RESPONSIVE to mobile devices?

You’re probably wondering if it matters…

Mobile-friendly websites have been considered to be a TOP PRIORITY when creating a website design.


It is not a surprise that there are over one chance out of three that you are currently reading this blog post on your phone or tablet right now.

In 2018 alone, 58% of site visits (Broad Band Search shows the same numbers) were from mobile devices, this includes any type of websites, B2C related websites, and B2B related websites.

For the B2B, the results are even more intriguing, marketers estimate that 21-40% of their web traffic comes from the mobile which is a big deal believe it or not.

The common belief is to think that B2B activities are mostly conducted on actual computers and not on smartphones. Not investing in a Mobile-Friendly website can give an edge to the competitors that have that feature.

Question is – Is my website responsive on small devices?

Google has a free tool for you to check if the website you’ve been working on for days, weeks or even months is mobile friendly.

It will state if your page is Mobile-Friendly or not. Giving you a detailed report to what page resources are not accessible.

What do you consider a good mobile-friendly website?

Here’s a list that makes up an optimized mobile website design:

Fast Loading Page

Did you know almost 53% of mobile users abandon websites that take a long time to load?

Having a modern design website and good content would be nothing if it takes a lot of time to respond. They will leave your page in a heartbeat and will search and browse your competitors’ page.

Mobile users expect speed and convenience when using their mobile devices. Don’t lose a potential customer for this simple mistake.

Easy Navigation Website Design

Make your webpage easy to navigate. Why? It would make your web visitors happy as it’s going to be easy for them to browse your pages and to look for the information they need. Keep it minimal. When structuring your pages think like a customer.

If you want to learn more about it, we have blog post dedicated to it, here.

Readable Font

Fonts matter too as it is also the aesthetic of your web page but choosing the wrong one could impact your content readability. Giving an emotional impression to your readers as well.

For example you would want to use this font for your Law Firm website…

It’s a comedy… People would not take you seriously.

The font has a typeface personality and could harmlessly affect your performance or much worse lower your rank in the search engine.

High-Quality Media Display

Using media on your page could be exciting but could also overwhelm your site. Large image and video files should be compressed as it can slow down your mobile webpage.

You might ask, what about the conversion rate, are customers buying on Mobile?

The answer is that if we just look over one week, 45% of mobile users purchased their phone.

And this number is growing at an exponential rate as more brands are shifting their business online and as big online players, such as Amazon, are becoming the to-go place for shopping.

The predictions are the following, almost three quarters (72.6 percent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.

If your site is not Mobile Friendly yet, reach out to us, our Team at Violette Marketing will take care of it.

Before closing on this topic, here are a few compelling reasons to invest in a unique mobile experience:

  1. There are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users, SimilarWeb. This number is growing, smartphones are at the reach of customers’ fingers 24/7, as customers for the most part, live with their phones in their jean pockets. We don’t go shopping at the mall with our laptop, we use smartphones to compare prices and offerings.
  2. 30% of mobile searches are related to a location on Google.com. Local businesses need to have Mobile-Friendly websites if they want to compete and grow their business.

Not yet mobile-friendly?

Contact Us! We at Violette Marketing, love building websites for our clients. Websites are our clients’ online vitrine, we take this seriously to deliver the right design and functionality that reflects your storefront. Check out our latest case studies, here.

Feel free to reach out to us, our Team of Experts at Violette Marketing, are here to assist you!


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