Our Lead Generation Optimization packages get you qualified leads right away and customers that will bring you more business in the long-term. This includes packaging the offer, advertising it, building a lead acquisition funnel with landing pages, emails, and more.

Want more High Quality Leads?

Want to expand your Business?

Want to launch a New Service?

Want more Long-Term Customers?

Subscription Based

Violette Marketing's different approach to Traditional Marketing Models

At Violette Marketing, we build cutting edge strategies to put you ahead of our competitors by giving you a unique edge. We set it up as an exclusive subscription package with NO COMMITMENT for local businesses, so you can try and see the results through your own eyes.

Lead generation is all about finding one key product, the right target audience coupled with the right marketing message, and building the right workflow to efficiently capture leads. We, at Violette Marketing, have been actively implementing Lead Generation strategies for many clients from different industries. Our campaigns have been returning a very high return on investment to our clients in the short and long term.

At Violette Marketing, we BuildScale, and Optimize lead generation campaigns to maximize traffic, significantly enhance conversion rate, and skyrocket lifetime benefits.

The Subscription includes

How it works?

Easy steps to start Generating Qualified Leads

1. We work together to understand your business and your customers.

2. We define one key product, a target audience, and a striking special offer

3. We implement the landing pages workflow including registration and payment forms, email capture solution, and email workflow.

4. We create two ads copies that will be simultaneously tested on Facebook and Google.

5. After a few days the best copy will be selected and another version will be created and run in parallel. The goal is to create the best ads copy that converts the most. This process is so-called AB testing.

6. For prospects that aren’t converted yet, an email campaign will be sent out to educate them about your business and your service. The goal is to build trust and confidence to convert those prospects. This is a key aspect to get a high performing lead generation strategy.

7. We capture Click-Through and Conversion rates to measure effectiveness and optimize the following newsletter as we go.

7. We send you monthly detailed reports highlighting the success of the campaign.

We strive and value client relationships as the key factor to build a successful marketing strategy for your business, Violette Marketing’s Subscription-Based service is designed to nurture ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships between your company with ours, and most importantly, helps you to meet both the needs of your customers and the goals you’ve set for your business.

Grow your Business by

Getting More Leads

The key to take your business to the next level is getting more business. Here a great way to start generating more business rapidly to start expanding.

Get Qualified Leads

With the right Copies and Targeted Audience, leads that come in are “ready-to-buy” leads.

Get High Conversion Rate

Our tailored Lead Generation workflow maximized the conversion rate by showing the right information at the right time to the prospects and following up with them with targeted emails.

See Results Right Away

Within two weeks you can start seeing the first leads coming in, and then more and more leads will come in.

Advertise High Margin Service

The offering is key. Ads with a striking offering that are highly successful. High margin service gives us much more creativity, and flexibility creating greater success.

Acquire Long-term Customers

It is all about targeting the right audience. We target prospects with a steady income that can afford more services and bring other family members to your business.

Get Referrals

By targeting the right age group, the new customers bring their kids or other family relatives for more business.

Frequently asked questions

How fast should I expect having new leads coming in?

From the day we launch the campaign, it takes around 2 weeks to see the first results and from there, the number of leads will grow until it reaches a steady-state. When we reach a steady state with one offering, it is usually a great time to launch a new offer in parallel which would be beneficial for both campaigns.

Why is it a subscription plan?

Lead generation ads and workflow need to be updated and fine-tune as more data is gathered to improve conversion rate. When we build a campaign we are focusing on your bottom line and how much profits this brings to your business. We target audiences that have long-term potentials to be loyal customers and bring you referrals.

Ready to Generate More Qualified Leads?

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Other Services

Have you ever wanted to dominate your industry with full web coverage for your location and services?

Violette Marketing is here for that. We will take your business to the next level by ranking your business for targeted keywords, pushing regularly optimized contents, building strong social proof, proactively increasing conversion rate, turning more prospects into customers, and helping you to deliver top customer experience.

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