How can I use Direct Mail for my local business?

Direct Mail Local Business

by Julia | May 21, 2020 | Direct Mail, Omni Channel | 0 comments

Direct Mail is DEAD

Wait! Hold on. It’s not what you think…

but the REAL question is – Is it?

It’s how some of local business owner perceived but marketers have different say about it. 

What is Direct Mail?

In simplest form it is a direct marketing strategy where you use promotional materials to your prospective customers in the mail.

Two strategies

Direct Mail can be used for two different strategies: Target customer persona and retarget the existing customers.

Marketers will design the ideal target customer persona to target the right audience for your business and acquire new leads and prospects. On the other hand, Ad Mail can be used to retarget your existing customers base on having them come back and spend more in your local business.

Emotional Response

The level of personalization will strongly vary from one to another. Adding the fact that people respond differently to physical and digital pieces because physical pieces trigger activity in a part of the brain that corresponds with value and desirability; Advertising Mail becomes the perfect strategy for efficient retargeting.

The numbers don’t lie, 59% of U.S. respondents and 65% of Canadian respondents agreed with the following statement, “I enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.”.

That is the reason why top retailers are sending you on a monthly or weekly basis catalogs or coupons for their latest featured products.

Overall, an International Communications Research survey found that 73% of consumers prefer snail mail over other advertising methods. Direct Mail still has a long way to go, customers want to feel special and unique, as mentioned in the previous blog, What makes Advertising Mail so attractive?.

Local Business

So why should you invest in direct mail marketing for your business? It has a lot of factors that builds its credibility BUT here’s why you should:


One of the main reasons why it has remained competitive with the online version is that everyone may be online but do know there are tendencies it may not reach who you want to reach in your local area. Sending them direct marketing serves as an invitation to know about your product and service.


A great way to unleash your creativity to express your brand to your prospective customers. Great thing with this strategy is that you could do and design anything. ANYTHING. In every way how you want to make an impression of what your brand is. Don’t be pressured with the design but it’s good to be creative to grab their attention!


The best part of this traditional marketing is that it can boost your presence ONLINE! By including details of your business on your marketing material it’s a best way to direct them. By giving them an option to go online will make them engage with your business, browse your service, product, social accounts and could easily turn them into leads!

When Ad Mail campaigns are managed properly the results are stunning, we shared, one of Violette Marketing, a very effective strategy here.

Indeed, 40% of targeted consumers will try new businesses after receiving Direct Mail.

As a business, what should be your next step? Did this make you convince about using this marketing strategy? You might want to consider a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for retargeting or generating new leads.

Not sure if this is the right tactic for your business?
We, at Violette Marketing, will guide you on which is the best for your business and help you to create the best Advertising Mail strategy for your unique business and market.

We developed and improve over years of effective strategies that have created high ROI for our clients. If you want to learn more about our Expertise at VM, check our latest case studies.


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