What makes Advertising Mail so attractive?

What makes Advertising Mail so attractive?

by Julia | January 02, 2020 | Direct Mail, Omni Channel | 0 comments

6 Smart Ways To Use Advertising Mail For Your Business

You are probably wondering if Advertising Mail is still effective today (2020) or if businesses still use it nowadays

We wrote a separate blog post on to Grow Your Local Business with Direct Mail

What is Advertising Mail

Advertising Mail or Ad Mail, also known as Direct Mail is an advertising material that is delivered to recipients through postal mail.


Send out invitation

Let people in your neighborhood or local area know about your business. Want to gather several people for your grand opening? Send out a direct mail invitation containing all the information they need to know for that day. Introduce your business, or what service and products you sell.

Be creative! Make them curious about your brand and you will get a surprising response rate.

QR codes

Also known as quick response codes. A smart way to connect your sent out physical advertising mail marketing and will be directed to any specific landing page you want them to land on once they scan the code.

It can be in a discount form, leading them to a specific page on your website to claim that offer. It is an easy and quick way to increase your digital presence.


This tactic would require a budget. Great way to use this idea when you’ve gathered a reasonable amount of response rate from your campaign. Send out samples to introduce your new products.

A good way to attract new customers and the opportunity to let them browse more of what you offer.


The best tactic to do to remember your business’s existence. Sending out frequent or monthly reminder is a cheap way to stay top-of-mind

Let’s say you have a dental clinic. You could be sending out letters or invitations about dental check-ups. Nowadays, people are busy and they tend to forget about how important it is to maintain good health.

Remind them!


Keep your existing or new customers up-to-date about your business. Soon to launch a new product? New service? Or could it just be a change of location or hours of your store? Let them know about it.

Interactive mail

People are for sure to get tired of receiving typical mails in the mail and the reason why they don’t bother checking them is that it doesn’t stand out from the others. There are few creative ways to do this, but it is the most interesting way to make the receiver curious. For example, have a mystery note, to discover what it is they have to solve a puzzle.

It’s not a waste of time as people who get an unusual advertising mail, they’re more likely to interact with it. Plus, when it’s created successfully, a high chance of visiting your website and social media accounts.

Another way to gain a digital presence!

Unique Advantage

Direct Mail has a unique advantage: the advertising material can use few if not all of the five basic senses of the body: sight, touch, and sometimes smell, taste, and hearing.

This unique advantage is shown in the data, 76% of people feel that Direct Mail is more trustworthy than other types of marketing, and it will keep being that way.

Trust is the key element to turn prospects into customers.

Businesses and Brands all over the world are spending billions of dollars to build trust between them and their target customers and existing customers. For instance, since the cross-selling scandal, Wells Fargo has been heavily investing in marketing to rebuild the trust between them and their target customers and customers.

The best part of it is that 50% of people enjoy checking physically their mailbox, making Advertising Mail special in regards to emails that are flooding their email box every day. The physical, emotional connection created using touch and vision make it unique, special, and set Ad Mail apart.

Here some key metrics, in 2018, Direct Mail received a 9% response rate for house lists and 4.9% for prospect lists. Reports show that size matter, indeed, oversized envelopes have the highest response rate (5%), followed by postcards (4.25%), dimensional mail, or anything more than 0.75 inches thick (4%) and catalogs (3.9%). Direct Mail can be used for inbound or outbound marketing.

As both strategies can be viable, the real values and benefits are in the Inbound usage of Ad Mail. This required to design the ideal target customer persona with a personalized message and call to action using key techniques highlighted in our previous blog.

Ready to grow your business with Advertising Mail?

We, at Violette Marketing, use advanced in-house Advertising Mail techniques that we developed and fine-tuned over the years with cutting edge tracking solutions to access in real-time the success of the Ad Mail marketing campaigns.

Thanks to our close work with our clients to create the right campaign with a high chance of success, we have great success stories to share: we generated a 38% ROI with a Direct Mail campaign for one of our clients.


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