Our Direct Mail Optimization package aims to create more recurring business and generate qualified leads for your business. Creating campaigns using in-house technology to select the right audience based on your current customer base. We design eye-catching mail cards with the right offer and clear call to action that converts!

Want to be known in your Local Area?

Want to turn Neighbors to Customers?

Want more Qualified Leads?

Want to share new Offers and Services?

Subscription Based

Violette Marketing's different approach to Traditional Marketing Models

At Violette Marketing, we believe Direct Mail is an extremely valuable marketing tool. To reason why we are offering an exclusive subscription package with NO COMMITMENT for local businesses.

Rather than charging par campaigns, we are building a relationship for the long haul with your customers. We are actively managing the campaign and its success as well as integrating all ideas from our clients and feedback from their customers to create campaigns that convert more and more.

We couple Direct Mail with tailored landing pages to ensure the maximum conversion rate. It is key to have similar mail and web content to convey trust and answer all potential questions that a hot lead has.

Using tailored landing pages on top of Direct Mail is a great wait to show off your online social proof and your expertise with testimonials and customer stories.

We are a data-driven company. We are using data to give you a unique competitive edge. We have access to exclusive data sources that help users to target the right audience to ensure a high conversion rate.

The Subscription includes

How it works?

Easy steps to start Optimizing your Direct Mail Campaigns!

1. Working together to understand your business and your customers.

2. Defining key offers (reminder, special offer, magnet postcard..), the right personas and locations to target

3. Creating copies and clear call-to-action elements with limited time online offers to redeem at your location.

4. Incorporating your brand logo and color palette.

5. Optimizing the final design and copies for high conversion.

6. Sending them to the selected target audience by wave.

7. Creating Special Landing Page for the campaign to capture the leads if they are looking online for more information.

8. Tracking your campaign’ success.

We strive and value client relationships as the key factor to build a successful marketing strategy for your business, Violette Marketing’s Subscription-Based service is designed to nurture ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships between your company with ours, and most importantly, helps you to meet both the needs of your customers and the goals you’ve set for your business.

Get a competitive edge with a highly

Direct Mail Campaign

Your ranking will give you an authority in your industry or service in your area. A strong social proof will turn your visitors that found you on the first page of search engine results, into leads.

Increase Exposure

Be known in your local area for what you do and for this there is nothing better than pushing physical piece of mails in front of potential local customers. Create awareness to be the first one to be called when they need your service.

Increase Audience Engagement

Direct Mail generate up to 2 times more engagement and conversion than other types of marketing. Indeed, 76% of people feel that Direct Mail is more trustworthy than any other types of marketing.

Establish Trust

Friendly design with a clear message and distinct call-to-action is one of the best ways to build trust and generate leads. Increasing the trustworthiness of your business will increase the number of first-time customers that are convinced and pleased by what your business offer.

Stand Out

Over 50% of people find joy in checking their mailboxes physically, making Advertising Mail special in regards to emails that are flooding their email box every day. It is a unique way to make your business stand out.

Ace The Competition

Optimized Direct Mail campaigns give a significant edge over your competitors. With broader and prime exposure, more business opportunities will be generated.

More Exposure & Quality Leads

Clear message and limited time only offers, will bring ready-to-buy customer directly to your door.

Frequently asked questions

How Direct Mail can complement my digital presence?

Direct mail is a perfect addition to your online presence by being an outreach strategy with a high conversion rate. As people enjoy getting physical mail and finding it more trustworthy than emails, it is easier to get your offer across and generate leads. There are three main strategies that we use: reminders, special offers targeting your customer base, or special offers targeting a selected audience. All our campaigns are tracked to assess the success of the campaign. An Optimized Direct Mail campaign backed up by a good online presence is a recipe for success.

Why is it a subscription plan?

The only way to rank on the first page and to stay ranked is to publish new curated content on your website and social platforms. When you stop pushing new content, Search Engines will see your content as outdated and you will start losing your ranking. Moreover, as your business grows, you might want to start ranking for new services or locations which are easy and fast to set up when we are already working together.

Ready to start optimizing your Direct Mail Campaign?

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