Our Customer Lifetime Value Optimization packages increase customer retention and loyalty helping you to bring more revenue over time from your customer base. This includes customer email capture, email newsletter workflow, content creation, customer story email, special offer email, referral email, and more.

Want your customers to buy again from you?

Want to increase customer retention?

Want more loyal customers?

Want to get more Referrals?

Subscription Based

Violette Marketing's different approach to Traditional Marketing Models

At Violette Marketing, we believe customer retention is a key factor in business growth and success. We are offering an exclusive subscription package with NO COMMITMENT for local businesses. Our goal is to help your business to build and keep a long-term relationship with your clients.

It’s challenging to keep them interested regardless of what you offer. We, at Violette Marketing, have strategized an advanced technique to hook and get your subscribers to open, read, and interact with your emails. Mastering the psychology behind writing successful emails that get results.

Your business, services, and products will be top of the mind of your customers making them feel they are part of your business journey.

By constantly providing information to them, new business opportunities will be created, increasing the lifetime value of your customer.

20% of your best customers represent 80% of your revenue.

The Pareto Principle

The Subscription includes

How it works?

Easy steps to start Optimizing your Customer Lifetime Value!

1. We work together to understand your business and your customers.

2. We implement tools to collect the emails of your customers to grow your subscriber list. As new customers sign in, they get added to the list to receive the newsletters.

3. We gather a list of topics for blog posts, a list of product offerings, and a list of potential special offers.

4. We build a special Newsletter template matching your brand identity that will be used to deliver the various messages.

5. We create a set of emails that will be delivered to your subscriber list according to our advanced workflow. Each email will have strong, creative headlines, properly structured format, relevant and interesting content, and a responsive call to action.

6. We capture Open and Click-Through rates to measure effectiveness and optimize the following newsletters.

7. We send you monthly detailed reports, highlighting the success of the campaign.

We strive and value client relationships as the key factor to build a successful marketing strategy for your business, Violette Marketing’s Subscription-Based service is designed to nurture ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships between your company with ours, and most importantly, helps you to meet both the needs of your customers and the goals you’ve set for your business

Grow your Business by

Leveraging your Customers

The key to taking your business to the next level is retention: having loyal customers that come back to your business, purchase again from you, trust your business, are satisfied by the quality of the work and happy with the customer service. These key customers will be your advocates and they will bring you new business by referring you to their network.

Increase Retention

As customers keep receiving information about your business, they know what services or products you offer. Whenever they will need any they will remember who to call.

Increase Audience Engagement

Grow the relationship beyond the appointment with Follow-Up Newsletters, Customer Story Email, About You Email, New Services Email, Special Offer Email. Make your audience relate to your customer's shared Success Stories on your platforms.

Establish Trust

Updated regularly your customers about your business and products is a good way to build trust. Increasing the trustworthiness of your business will increase retention and referrals.

Build Loyalty

As customers are assimilating themselves to your business as they are part of your business' journey, if they need anything you offer, they will go to your business without a second thought.

Build Advocate

Loyal customers are your best advocates as they will go beyond their way to recommend your services to someone that needs them. These new referral leads are generally "ready-to-buy" leads.

Get "Ready-To-Buy" Leads

Repeat or Loyal customers are "ready-to-buy" when they call. They only call to get the work done and not to negotiate the price or to ask for an estimate.

Frequently asked questions

What if your business model is a one-and-done model, meaning that recurring customers are non-existent?

You need to up-sell or cross-sell them right after the purchase. For instance, if you are selling home inspections, you can up-sell them insurance or detailed reports with bids for the repairs. You can also offer a subscription for a quarterly home inspection for preventive maintenance for the new homeowners, turning your one-and-done customers into recurring customers.

Why is it a subscription plan?

Customer loyalty is built on the long run, we need to send new, fresh, informative contents regularly to nurture this special relationship with your customers.

When should I start?

First, we need to capture contact information from your customers. We will set up the right tools for your to do so.
Then when your business is on a steady-state and looking for growth with better margins then it is a great time to implement this strategy.

Ready to Increase the Lifetime Value of your Customers?

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Violette Marketing is here for that. We will take your business to the next level by ranking your business for targeted keywords, pushing regularly optimized contents, building strong social proof, proactively increasing conversion rate, turning more prospects into customers, and helping you to deliver top customer experience.

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